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The Art of Personal Blogging

When you think of art as a craft, trade or skill, just about anyone can be an artist – including bloggers. Join me on the journey to become masters of the art of blogging.

Review: God is Not Dead

I have mixed feelings about the movie “God is Not Dead” and its message, but overall I enjoyed it. I’ll break that down in this post and also look at the religious culture of the United States today.

Thanks, Obama: Why I’m No Longer an Obamacare Fan

It’s 2014 and that means everyone in the nation is required to have health insurance.  The mandate is officially in effect and I’d wager that I’m not the only one that doesn’t have coverage right now.  But it’s the law… Continue Reading →

Internet Activism: From Marches to Shares

We have some fantastic examples of activism and protests in our country. What happened?

King Obama? Why American Government Isn’t So Balanced

The idea that any president would be referred to as king would likely shock the founding fathers of our country.  Of course, no president has ever been considered a king and likely never will.  The United States has a system… Continue Reading →

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