To my fellow supporters of Hillary Clinton

My last blog post here (before this one) was after the Democratic primaries had ended, addressing the supporters of Bernie Sanders and urging them to support the nominee to defeat Trump.  Back then, only a […]

To all the supporters of Bernie Sanders

To all the supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders: Hillary Clinton is officially the Democratic nominee as of this evening. She received more than enough votes at the convention and Sanders himself wrapped up the voting […]

Electives I took in my last year of college that everyone should take

When I finished my junior year at Indiana State, I had met all but one of the course requirements for my degree. The main thing I lacked for my degree was reaching the 120 credit […]

The Reality of Moving 12 Hours Away for Grad School

In less than two weeks, I’ll arrive in Tampa, Florida to start my next adventure as a student affairs grad student at the University of South Florida. I am incredibly excited to move and get started, […]

8 reasons why I support Hillary Clinton

I have been supporting Hillary Clinton to be the next president of the United States since the day she announced back in the spring of 2015. Actually, I was eagerly awaiting her decision to run […]