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So you think you can blog?

Blogging is now the way of sharing content online.  There are blogs for any topic you can imagine – even blogs about blogging.  Blogging has become a prime way of building your personal brand and establishing your own credibility in your professional field.  Based on my own experiences and the advice of other bloggers, here are easy-to-implement tips to use to establish a successful blog. Continue reading “So you think you can blog?”

Challenge in 2016

One Word to Guide My 2016

A new year is a time for resolutions, changes, and starting to become a better person.  Flipping the calendar page – pulling out a brand new calendar – is a strong metaphor for the clean slate that many people see in a new year.  At the end of a year, we all look back at what happened.  We see what was in the news, what we posted on social media, and even what music we listened to in 2015.  We look at what happened in our lives and make a judgment to determine if 2015 was good or bad.

Then the countdown starts – 3… 2… 1… – happy new year!  It’s 2016, couples share their first kiss of the year, and everyone celebrates and welcomes in the new.  The year starts and despite the many resolutions that were made, it does not feel all that different for most people.

Since resolutions rarely work for more than a week or two, I have decided to simplify things this year.  I have chosen one word that will guide and define my 2016.  That word is… Continue reading “One Word to Guide My 2016”


It’s a Love Story: A Taylor Swift Biography

There are plenty of starving artists with dreams of selling millions of records and touring the world.  To make it in the music business, you usually need to know someone and have a connection to the industry before you even start your performing career.  So what made Taylor Swift such a huge success?  She was the daughter a stockbroker and a saleswoman, she didn’t have anyone in the music industry guiding her and holding her hand.  She used her own genius to make something of herself and cause the world to fall in love with her. Continue reading “It’s a Love Story: A Taylor Swift Biography”


History in the Making: Analyzing Obama’s 2008 Acceptance Speech

It was a moment for the history books on the night of August 28, 2008 when Senator Barack Obama delivered his acceptance speech at the Democratic national convention.  It was that week that Democrats confirmed the first African-American presidential candidate from a major party who would soon be the next president.  Convention acceptance speeches can go two ways: they can either fit the mold of past addresses and cover the basics or the nominee can go against the odds and use the speech to exceed expectations and meet their needs.  Obama did the latter.  Obama made the speech historic in a way only he could and, as a result, saw an unprecedented spike in approval ratings from the American public. Continue reading “History in the Making: Analyzing Obama’s 2008 Acceptance Speech”

If a student has the motivation to persist, financial and family situations should not be roadblocks. (1)

First Generation Students: Working the Hardest, Achieving the Least

Four years ago, I sat in a financial aid session at new student orientation where I learned about all the expenses associated with college.  After the session, I called home because I had sticker shock.  I was attending a state university, but it seemed like I was paying out-of-state tuition at an Ivy League school.  It was not until weeks later that I realized I had more than enough financial aid to cover the cost and would actually receive money from the university in a refund check.  This story is not unique to me and is in fact a common trend for first generation college students such as myself.  First generation students are inadequately prepared for college while in high school and poorly supported while receiving a post-secondary education. Continue reading “First Generation Students: Working the Hardest, Achieving the Least”

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