The Macbook Pro Life: One Week Later

One week ago today, my ordered Macbook Pro came in and I officially made the switch from Microsoft to Apple.  I was hesitant about the learning curve, but a week later there are still no regrets.

I’m bad at impulse buying – I’m notorious for buying something and returning it a day or two later.  So, when I made the decision to buy a new computer, I knew it had to be perfect or it would soon find itself back in its box and on a store shelf.  The hunt for that perfect computer was a long one.

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The Art of Personal Blogging

What do you think of when you hear the word art?  Perhaps you think of good ol’ arts and crafts with construction paper and stick figure drawings, maybe your mind jumps to the fine arts like music and performance, and it is also possible that you think of an artist – of any kind – which opens a whole new world of meanings.

The simplest way to define art is to go back to the original though of arts and craft, but more broadly.  Think of art as a craft, a trade or a skill.  That means just about anyone can be an artist – including bloggers.

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Review: God is Not Dead

On Easter weekend, I fell into the production company’s well-laid trap and saw God is Not Dead in theaters.

I have mixed feelings about the movie and its message, but overall I enjoyed it.  I’ll break that down in this post and also look at the religious culture of the United States today.

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Thanks, Obama: Why I’m No Longer an Obamacare Fan

It’s 2014 and that means everyone in the nation is required to have health insurance.  The mandate is officially in effect and I’d wager that I’m not the only one that doesn’t have coverage right now.  But it’s the law right?  Why isn’t everyone covered?

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Internet Activism: From Marches to Shares

We have some fantastic examples of activism and protests in our country.  The nation is founded, in part, on the idea that we can freely express our grievances with the government and other entities without arrest or persecution.  The 1960s and the battle for civil rights for African Americans is a highlight of this freedom, bringing us march after march and sit in after sit in leading up to federal action that put leaps ahead of early 20th century equality levels.

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King Obama? Why American Government Isn’t So Balanced

The idea that any president would be referred to as king would likely shock the founding fathers of our country.  Of course, no president has ever been considered a king and likely never will.  The United States has a system of checks and balances built within its long standing constitution that isn’t likely to falter to any incoming powerhouse.  But is that system as balanced as we would like and tend to think it is? With royalties such as executive orders, the war powers act and presidential pardons, the president has more than a slight upper hand over the other branches of our government.

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