8 reasons why I support Hillary Clinton

Current Events / Saturday, June 11th, 2016

I have been supporting Hillary Clinton to be the next president of the United States since the day she announced back in the spring of 2015. Actually, I was eagerly awaiting her decision to run or not before she was in the race.  I wish I could say I supported her in 2008, but given that I was 13 at the time, I don’t really recall supporting either Clinton or Obama (though I do remember missing school to see Obama’s inauguration).

This election, however, I’m with her 10o percent.  Hillary has the experience and the plan to lead our country and I am proud to have voted for her in the primary and I’m excited to have the chance to vote for her again in November. But unfortunately, a lot of people seem to think she isn’t a good choice. Clinton supporters in general have been hesitant to show their support publicly because of the anticipated backlash that her enemies’ supporters might give.

In this post, I want to explain several reasons why I support Hillary and why you should too.

1) It’s past time that we had a female president

No, I’m not just voting for her because she’d be the first female president, but that is one of the reasons. If Hillary was a man with the same kind of experience, Senator Sanders would have had no chance.  If she was a man, she would have been president already.  The United States cannot be a leader in the world if we continue excluding 50% of the population from being president because of something like gender.  Her election and her presidency will send a message to the world, before she ever says a single word as president.  That’s a message I want to send.

2) She has the most foreign affairs experience

Her experience with the international community and world leaders is unparalleled by anyone currently running or anyone else who ran in this election.  Serving as Secretary of State for four years added to her experience in the Senate working on international issues, Hillary knows what the problems are and has a good idea of what will and won’t work.  She can hit the ground running – while anyone else who aspires to work in the Oval Office would have a much greater learning curve.

3) Experience in all three branches of government is a major benefit

Her work in the Senate obviously gives her experience with Congress and its inner workings. Her experience as First Lady, though not a direct governing role, still gives her an inside look at the presidency that only another president or president’s spouse could have. Her top cabinet-level position also gave her more experience in the executive branch. And as an experienced lawyer, she knows the justice system and the courts.  Again, this is unmatched by any of her opponents.

4) I’d rather have experience with baggage than no experience at all

Clinton’s years of public service gave her a lot of experience but it also gave her quite a bit of baggage as well and that is one of the major points against her.  Yes, she has her flaws – but so does every other candidate.  I’ll take her level of experience in so many areas over someone with no experience in government at all (you know who I’m talking about) any day.

5) I prefer a candidate that changes her views

Clinton also gets a lot of attacks for changing her views on issues, notably the one on same sex marriage. While it’s sad that she was at one point (somewhat) against it, that view at the time reflected a majority of Americans.  Now, her view in favor of marriage equality reflects a majority of Americans.  I believe that politicians should change their views as the views of the people they represent change. Peoples’ views change and that’s okay, it’s typically a good thing. So let’s stop giving Clinton a bad time for it.

6) Her college plan is realistic and achievable

As a recent college grad, grad student, and future student affairs professional, higher education is important to me and is one of the major issues I’m looking to see candidates take a stand on.  Senator Sanders has made free college tuition a major part of his campaign, but that simply isn’t realistic nor would it pass through Congress.  Free tuition sounds great, but honestly, it’s just not smart for where we are right now.  Clinton’s plan for college costs is scaled back from Sanders’, but it will undoubtedly help nonetheless.  Her new college compact is what we need right now.

7) We cannot let President Obama’s work be undone

When a Trump supporter asked me awhile back if I wanted “more Obama,” I said “you bet I do!” Conservatives like to say Obama has been terrible for our country, but really, that’s just not true.  We have a better economy, less international conflict, and a more accepting country than we did when Obama took office eight years ago. Additionally, we cannot let Republicans destroy the progress we’ve made with the Affordable Care Act. It’s by no means perfect, but it is worth building on and improving rather than defunding. Who better to build on Obama’s record than his former Secretary of State?

8) Two presidents in the White House are better than onepackyourbags

My last point is a lesser one but worth mentioning. With Hillary, comes her wonderful husband and 42nd President Bill.  Hillary has said that she’ll put him to work on the economy and that excites me (though I also hope he’ll be picking out china patterns). While I certainly wasn’t paying much attention back then, his presidency gave us the best economic times historically that we’ve seen.  Putting him back at the helm and guiding the economic recovery of the country will continue President Obama’s work and keep us moving forward.

Why I’m not supporting the other candidates

Now, that’s eight reasons I’m supporting Hillary, but let’s take a brief look at why I’m not supporting any of the other candidates (from any party) this year.  I’m not a straight-ticket Democrat, but I am a liberal when it comes to social issues and those are important to me.  When it comes to the economy and even some parts of the immigration debate, I can agree with some Republican points.  But that’s not enough to persuade me away from Hillary, and here’s why.

Bernie Sanders

If Hillary wasn’t in the race, Bernie would be the next best thing. When I took the “ISideWith.com” quiz, I sided with Hillary on 93% of the issues and Bernie on 92% of the issues.  They see the same problems with the country, but have different approaches to solving them. The reason they have different approaches is Hillary has more and better experience to know what will and won’t work.  Senator Sanders has been “Senator” for his entire federal career, after some time as a mayor.  He hasn’t branched out, he’s introduced the same bills (with little change) time after time, and he barely made a name for himself until this year when he ran for president.  He’s a long-time Independent coming to the Democratic party just to run for president with unrealistic ideas.

He has no foreign policy experience and would be lost when it came time to make tough calls for our military abroad.  I admire his inspiration and even saw him speak at a rally this year, but that’s not enough for me to vote him into the presidency. He’s just not the right fit.

Donald Trump

Ha. It’s honestly not Donald’s policies (what little we know of them) that I dislike so much, it’s his rhetoric.  His hateful, disrespectful speeches and tweets are off-the-cuff and makes him unfit to be commander-in-chief.  If I’m not supporting Sanders for his lack in experience, it makes no sense to support Trump either.  I could go on with specifics, but you’ve seen them as much as I have.  Trump is an interesting phenomenon and will give political scientists something to study for years to come (job security, I suppose), but that’s the extent of my admiration for him.

Gary Johnson

For those unaware, Johnson is the Libertarian nominee for president and a former governor.  The Libertarian’s platform of socially liberal + economically conservative is one that I can get behind and support.  My issue with Johnson is two-fold: First, Johnson is a terrible candidate and has no charisma to be president.  His party is one I can support, but he is not.  The only thing he has going for him is his (and his running mate’s) executive experience but they just don’t inspire the way Clinton or even Sanders does for people.  Second, voting for a third party is simply a waste of a vote in this country.  I hate it, and I wish our two-party system wasn’t so strong, but that’s the way it is.  I could not cast a vote for Johnson or any other third party and be okay with it – because it might just hand the election to Trump.

Jill Stein

Here we have a woman with a liberal agenda, similar to Sanders.  My issue here is again two-fold: First, the Green party has the same problem as the Libertarians because they are third-party. Second, aside from that, Stein has been an annoying pest towards Hillary as she became the presumptive nominee.  She doesn’t even acknowledge the historic nature of her nomination and points out that she (Stein) was the first woman to be nominated – ignoring the fact that Hillary was nominated by a major party.  So like Johnson, Stein just isn’t a good candidate. I don’t even like the Green party platform that much.

We need to rally behind a single candidate – Hillary Clinton – to avoid a President Trump

We cannot let ourselves be divided. The way to beating Trump is to unite and be #StrongerTogether, and if we do that, beating Trump will be easy.

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