“My story matters because I matter.” – Brené Brown 

I am educated. 

I’m a millennial, first-generation, two-time college graduate. I earned my Master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction and College Student Affairs from the University of South Florida in 2018. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Journalism from Indiana State University in 2016. I am also a proud graduate of Boonville High School in Indiana.

I am an educator.

I view myself and my role in higher education as first and foremost being an educator. Everything that occurs on a university’s campus is a chance for learning to take place. From student organization programming and residence hall communities to a conduct process where a student could be separated from the institution, a student affairs professional is involved and plays an active role in that educational opportunity.

I am an entrepreneur.

I love the work I do in higher education – and I also have other interests and skills. To utilize those, I have chosen to offer online services. While the services I offer and the businesses I operate may seem random, they each align with my values, hobbies, and skills. For more on what I can do for you, keep reading.

I believe in magic.

If you’ve known me long at all, you know I love Disney. That love goes beyond supporting the company and its products, though. I value excellent customer service and believe Disney’s service model is an exemplary one to follow in any industry. I believe the world would be a much better place if we all spread “Disney magic” everywhere – so much so that I wanted to include it here.



I’m here to help you.