usflogoMaster’s of Education, College Student Affairs
University of South Florida | Tampa, Florida
GPA: 4.0 | Anticipated Graduation: May 2018


Bachelor of Science, Communication/Journalism
Indiana State University | Terre Haute, Indiana
GPA: 3.83 | Degree Conferred: May 7, 2016

Graduate Experience

Graduate Assistant for Leadership Education
University of South Florida Housing & Residential Education | July 2016-Present

  • Advise the Residence Hall Association (RHA) and National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) student organizations.
    • Meet weekly or every other week with the 12 student leaders in those organizations.
    • Attend and advise executive board and general body meetings.
    • Support and help plan events for on-campus residents.
    • Monitor the $15,000 RHA and $2,000 NRHH annual budgets.
    • Coordinate and lead delegations of students to state, regional, and national conferences, including managing travel, payment, delegate selection, and conference preparation.
  • Plan and facilitate a training schedule for the RHA executive board at the start of the Fall semester.
    • Present on budgeting, conflict management, event planning, conferences, parliamentary procedure, strategic planning, and other related topics.
  • Lead student leadership development and advising initiatives within the housing department.
    • Provide an update on student leadership activities during weekly staff meetings.
    • Facilitate a training session on advising student leaders during professional staff training.
    • Support hall council advisors and provide best practice advice throughout the year.
  • Launched an open bidding process for a care package fundraiser program for the university.
    • Drafted a request for quote to be distributed to interested companies.
    • Recruited and established an advisory board of student leaders to review received quotes and select a company with whom to enter into a contract.

Bulls Service Break Trip Advisor
University of South Florida | January 2017-Present (May 2017)

  • Advise a group of 11 students on a LGBT service oriented trip to Charlotte, NC during the university’s spring break period.
    • Directly advise work with 2 undergraduate trip coordinators in charge of leading the rest of the trip group to ensure the trip occurs smoothly and successfully.
    • Assist the students with preparing for the trip, including fundraising and pre-trip meetings, as well as meal planning, reflecting on activities, and all other aspects of the trip.
  • Oversee and manage all logistical pieces of the service trip.
    • Make all purchases for the group before and during the trip and oversee the budget.
    • Be responsible for travel to and from the site location, including driving a 12-passenger van for the duration of the time away.
    • Act as the university representative and agent in cases of emergencies and crisis.

Teaching Assistant, Politics in Leadership Course
University of South Florida | January 2017-Present (May 2017)

  • Assist in teaching a 300-level course on leadership consisting of 20 students.
  • Provide a quiz on course material each week and grade those quizzes upon completion.
  • Facilitate in-class activities and discussions.
  • Review and evaluate half of the class’ work, including multiple papers and presentations.

Undergraduate Experience

Associate Director of the National Residence Hall Honorary
GLACURH/NACURH, Inc. | May 2015-June 2016

  • Oversaw the operations of over 50 National Residence Hall Honorary chapters in the Great Lakes region of NACURH, Inc. and create initiatives for NRHH at the regional level.
  • Represented the region on the NRHH National Board of NACURH, Inc.
  • Planned the regional conference, semi-annual business meeting, and regional initiatives as a member of the regional board of directors for the Great Lakes region of NACURH, Inc.

Academic Peer Advocate
Indiana State University Residential Life | July 2015-May 2016

  • Academically supported 32 first-year students living in a first generation academic learning community and taught a University 101 course to help students transition to college
  • Advised the hall council and its executive board in the residence hall to develop students’ leadership skills
  • Designed and hosted programs and initiatives for residents following a residential curriculum that prioritizes academic success, self-awareness, and social responsibility

University Conduct Board Hearing Officer
Indiana State University | January 2015-Present

  • Heard conduct cases as a student representative on a three-person board to determine responsibility and appropriate sanctions for conduct violations
  • Communicated with university administrators, respondents, and complainants involved in a situation to come to an agreement that is a fair resolution to a conflict

Indiana Residence Hall Organization | May 2014-May 2015

  • Coordinated and supervised 4 Assistant Directors and other officers to plan the annual state-wide conference and business meeting for residence hall student leaders
  • Acted as the official spokesperson of the organization and presided at all meetings
  • Appointed committees to further develop the mission of the organization

ISU Residence Hall Association | April 2014-April 2015

  • Presided over the general council and executive board of RHA and oversaw the organization operations
  • Planned and hosted educational, social, and cultural programs for the on-campus community
  • Advocated for the needs of the residence hall communities to the Office of Residential Life
  • Worked with the executive board to create and work within the organizational budget of $12,000

University College Peer Mentor
Indiana State University | August 2014-January 2015

  • Mentored a small group of new students who were enrolled in a University 101 course
  • Met with assigned students on a weekly basis to check on their school work, involvement and overall success at the university
  • Held 12 office hours each week in addition to attending the assigned University 101 course

LEAP College Readiness Counselor
Indiana State University | July 2014

  • Worked directly with a cohort of 30 incoming conditionally-admitted students participating in the summer bridge (LEAP) program
  • Provided academic support for students as they took a three-week summer English course and had to pass the course with a C or better to be keep their admission status
  • Hosted evening activities to increase students’ knowledge of campus and help them build relationship within the cohort during the program


  • Golden MOWII Pin Recipient (March 2016)
    • From the Great Lakes Affiliate of College & University Residence Halls
  • NACURH Advance Society Inductee (March 2016)
    • From the Great Lakes Affiliate of College & University Residence Halls
  • RHA President’s Bronze Pin Recipient (April 2014)
    • From the Indiana State University Residence Hall Association
  • “Of The Month” Nominator of the Year (April 2014)
    • From the Indiana State University National Residence Hall Honorary
  • Hoosier Communications Coordinator of the Year (March 2014)
    • From the Indiana Residence Hall Organization
  • Outstanding Freshman in Communication Award (April 2013)
    • From the Indiana State University Department of Communication
  • First Year Student Of The Month (Feburary 2013)
    • From the Indiana State University National Residence Hall Honorary


  • ACPA – National Student Affairs Professional Conference
    • 2015
  • National Association of College & University Residence Halls Conference
    • 2013, 2014, 2015
    • National (NACURH) conference for residence hall student leaders
  • Great Lakes Affiliate of College & University Residence Halls Conference
    • 2013, 2014, 2015
    • Regional (GLACURH) conference for residence hall student leaders
  • Indiana Residence Hall Organization Conference
    • 2013, 2014, 2015
    • State (IRHO) conference for residence hall student leaders
  • No Frills Regional (GLACURH) Business Meeting
    • 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
  • Fall (State/IRHO) Business Meeting
    • 2013, 2014

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