Geoffrey Koester 

Student Affairs Educator + Online Entrepreneur

I’m Geoffrey – I’m a student affairs professional and online entrepreneur. My interests include all things Disney, musical theater, running, and writing. I value vulnerability, adventure, and access. I strongly believe in the power of story telling, for both the person telling the story and those experiencing it. We all have stories to tell and our stories have power. How we use that power is what makes us different.

Student Affairs Experience

I’m a full-time student affairs professional at Indiana State University, working in Residential Life.

Side Projects 

My interests and values align with my side projects and hustles outside of my student affairs job, such as Disney and blogging.

Work With Me

Have a project or business you need help with? I offer services related to writing, online presence, coaching, and more.

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I write about a lot of things that are on my mind – ranging from entertainment to higher education to personal stories.

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