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Comment #1 (Student)

Tippin’ on Sunshine by Luke Bunch
February 7th, 2016
“I think the best tip is here is to make your blog stand out.  You have to have something unique about your blog, otherwise it’s going to get lost in the flood of millions of other blogs on the Internet.  You can do this with the look of your site but it’s a lot better to do it with the content.  You have to provide a new, unique perspective on the topic your blog is about and the rest of these tips will likely come relatively easy.  Great post and great tips!”

Comment #2 (Pro)

9 reasons to fall in love with a PR career by Michelle Garrett
February 7, 2016
“I think you addressed some great points here.  The creativity and the novelty of each day are some of the most appealing aspects of the PR field.  There are so many possibilities.  Even if you aren’t in a pr department or if your title isn’t related to pr, I think you are still likely doing pr in some way or another because you always have to sell something (or someone) and represent some idea or even yourself to another person or group.  Great post and great sell for the pr profession as a whole!”

Comment #3 (Student)

Don’t Sell Yourself Short by Marissa Martinez
February 14, 2016
“I think all of these points are great for the article.  I really like your first one about being a sponge and constantly learning.  You can never really stop learning and expanding your knowledge and skill set.  With technology, social media, and the PR field in general, it’s all constantly changing so you have to keep learning new things to stay at the top of your game and to remain competitive with other professionals.  Your bonus tip about being a good writer is also a great point – if you can’t write, all of the rest is moot.” (Note: Author has comment moderation on, so if the comment doesn’t show up, that’s why.)

Comment #4 (Pro)

Here’s who would be president if Facebook likes counted as votes by Kellen Beck
February 14, 2016
” I’d say this is a bit too generalized but it does provide some interesting stats.  I think people like things on Facebook for entertainment value and not (solely) because they agree with a person’s views or would vote for them.  Sanders and Carson are likely highly liked on Facebook because they are common names, often in the news, etc. Of course, other common names like Clinton and Trump aren’t coming out on top but I think that’s because they might be too common and people don’t need to like their own posts/pages to get their information.  Users are more likely to need to like lower-tier candidates directly since the media only covers the front runners and their at-the-moment competitors.”

Comment #5 (Student)

PRSSA: What You Need To Know by Katrina Branson
February 21, 2016
“There are so many ways you can be involved with PRSSA and I think you summarized them nicely.  It’s hard to fit everything into one blog post because it really is the ultimate organization for PR students and soon-to-be professionals.  I like that you highlighted the scholarships in PRSSA first because that is definitely a big selling point for the organization to recruit new members.” (Comment moderation is enabled on this post)

Comment #6 (Pro)

4 traits of great PR pros by Tor Constantino
February 21, 2016
“These are four great tips for PR professionals.  I especially liked the first one.  PR employees in a corporation are in a unique spot to see both the inside and outside of an organization, so they need to be willing and able to speak up in meetings with executives.  PR professionals should be the moral conscious of the organization and that alone is a good reason to speak up to your executive officers.  The other points kind of go along with that and I think they’re great, but the first one really stood out to me.”

Comment #7 (Student)

Know What You’re Fishin’ For by Andrew Hile
February 29, 2016
“These are three great, solid tips for researching a campaign.  Knowing the attitudes of people you’re trying to reach is very important because you can do a lot by appealing to those attitudes and values.  You can inspire and motivate a lot of people to do a lot of things by going to that level.  I also liked the competition tip.  It’s good to adjust to your competition and know what they’re doing, which also goes along with your trends tip as well.”

Comment #8 (Pro)

4 ways to tailor your marketing messages to mobile devices by Jay Bryant
February 29, 2016
“I think your thoughts on #3 sum up this post well.  Apple shows images automatically, but other devices don’t.  That can make it extremely difficult to provide content design for mobile devices when each device displays content differently.  At least on a computer, even though they have different styles, you see the same web page.  On a phone or even a tablet, you can’t always be sure.  The resolution sizes vary so much and the coding behind the device is at least a little different between each device as well.  You gave some great tips here, but I think the best tip is to do the best you can and realize you can’t reach everyone. You have to prioritize based on who your audience is and what devices they use the most (including intended/targeted/future audiences).”

Comment #9 (Student)

Tips for Writing an Effective Press Release by Katrina Branson
March 26, 2016
“I really like the first tip you mentioned.  Over selling seems like a good approach.  If you already kind of have your reader, they’ll appreciate how passionate you seem and if you don’t have your reader convinced, you’re providing as much evidence as possible that your message is a good one.  That’s a great tip and an uncommon one. Good post!”

Comment #10 (Pro)

11 digital platforms and tips to improve your advertising strategy by Scott Gerber
March 26, 2016
” This is a great list of digital platforms.  I see a trend in that they mostly rely on user data to target a specific audience, which is definitely common and a great way to improve the reach of your message.  I think Snapchat GeoFilters are a great marketing strategy for any business or event and organizational Snapchat accounts are also a great tool to utilize if they have a purpose.”

Comment #11 (Student)

Leaky Pipes: BP’s Oil Crisis by Andrew Hile
April 4, 2016
“I think BP’s best response came a few months after the crisis (maybe more like a year) when they started doing their PSAs from the Gulf coast to encourage people to come back.  They had that agreement with the area to do those videos and they were actually really good videos.  As for the immediate response, I agree that the CEO should have made a faster exit and not held on as long as they did.  Good analysis of the crisis!”

Comment #12 (Pro)

Bran Lessons from Batman and Superman’s Rivalry by Brian Hart
April 4, 2016
“I really like your tie in of conflict with branding here, it’s definitely something that can be very powerful but also not something commonly used or at least not blatantly used.  With hashtags everywhere these days, it’s pretty easy to get a rivalry going between two or more hashtags and we see all the time.  I think all the buzz around Batman v Superman (the movie) came from the two fanbases from each superhero rallying behind their chosen side.  It’s definitely a good lesson for PR folks.”

Comment #13 (Student)

An Interview to Remember: Welcome to Athletic Administration by Andrew Hile
April 13, 2016
“This is a good interview and it’s great that you got to interview the new AD at ISU.  I really liked how he said “nothing” to what he’d like to know looking back. You are where you are for a reason and anything could have changed that, and everything is a lesson and a learning moment.  He seems like a great guy and gave a lot of great insight!”

Comment #14 (Pro)

9 worst social media blunders of the year by Lindsay Friedman
April 13, 2016
“Sometimes I wonder if these social media blunders are intentional to get attention.  I doubt some of these are, since some (like Coca Cola in my opinion) seem like innocent mistakes, but the Whoopi/Oprah tweet seems too far-fetched to really be innocent as do others (not necessarily on this list). Nonetheless, they’re amusing.  If nothing else, they help to “humanize” the accounts that make the errors.”