To all the supporters of Bernie Sanders

Current Events / Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

To all the supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders:

Hillary Clinton is officially the Democratic nominee as of this evening. She received more than enough votes at the convention and Sanders himself wrapped up the voting process by moving to nominate her by acclamation. He realizes the primary is over and is supporting her: if you were ever truly a supporter of his campaign, you will realize the same for yourself.

You may not be completely happy with Hillary being the nominee of the Democratic party. You probably aren’t. But please, please have the sense to realize that she is beyond better than Donald Trump. Please also realize that voting for a third party candidate or writing in a name on the ballot does nothing but help Trump get into the White House. “Stronger Together” is more than just a slogan: it’s a strategy. It’s how we are going to make sure Trump not only loses in November, but loses so badly that he is disgraced and scared away from politics forever.

Furthermore, please realize that Sanders the candidate has lost but Sanders’ political revolution lives on. Even though I’ve supported Clinton all along, I also support the ideas of the “Bern” revolution. The fight for those progressive policies can continue through Hillary’s administration and the new Congress. That fight will not go anywhere with President Trump.

If you truly want to continue the political revolution that Sanders started, it will be able to grow the most with Hillary. Donald certainly won’t do it any good and neither would Johnson or Stein. Hillary has already aligned many of her platform policies to Sanders’ own and I’m sure she will continue to work for everyone she can.

If you’re concerned about the criminal allegations and investigations that have been thrown at her lately, please look past those ridiculous charges. She has been investigated by many Republican and independent committees and professionals; none of them found any reason to charge her or convict her for any wrongdoing. Please realize that the stakes of this election go far beyond these petty, political accusations.

It is incredibly important that come November, you not only vote for Hillary Clinton to be president but to also vote for Democrats down the ballot to make the Senate, House, Governor’s mansions, and local districts throughout the country BLUE.

You don’t have to be an avid, passionate supporter of Clinton’s campaign (it’s great if you are) but she at least needs your vote, if nothing else. It’s not hard, it doesn’t even take that much time.

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