To my fellow supporters of Hillary Clinton

Current Events / Thursday, December 1st, 2016

My last blog post here (before this one) was after the Democratic primaries had ended, addressing the supporters of Bernie Sanders and urging them to support the nominee to defeat Trump.  Back then, only a few months ago, I did not dream I would have to make a post like the one I am writing today.

It’s been a rough few weeks.  November started with so much hope and optimism that we would elect the first female president, defeat Trump and his disgraceful ideologies, and continue building on President Obama’s legacy of a progressive America.  As we all know, that is not what happened.  November 8th was a shock for all of us (arguably even for many Trump supporters).

But this post is not about Trump or his supporters.  It’s about the millions of Clinton supporters – the majority of Americans who voted in this election.  I have a few words for all of you and myself, because it is no secret that I was (am) one of the more avid Hillary voters.

We are the majority

Come January, we will be living in a country with a president, Congressional majority, and Supreme Court majority (once the seat is filled) of conservative and Republican ideology.  Their views and the policies they will try to enact will go against the core of what we, Clinton supporters, liberals, and Democrats, believe America should do and look like.  It will be hard to face it, but I believe we can find comfort in knowing that we are still a majority in this country.

We may not hold majority representation in government, but Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by millions.  More people in this country wanted her to be president than those that wanted Trump.  When you factor in the many that voted for other candidates (that’s a whole other blog topic), the gap of people that preferred someone other than Trump to be president grows even larger.  Remember that and take pride in that small victory.

We are stronger together

Just as I said in my post for Bernie supporters, Bernie the candidate may have lost this summer but the vision and passion he inspired in so many people lives on and continues to live on today.  The same can be said for Hillary and her campaign.  She lost (in one way) but we can and will continue fighting for the things she fought for in this campaign and her entire life.  “Stronger Together” is more than a catchy campaign slogan, it lives on and is truer now than it was before.  If we, the majority of people in this country, stand together and refuse to let Trump and his administration destroy our lives, we can see results and make progress.

Be present

Remember that no matter who is president or what is happening in D.C., life goes on and there are people in our everyday lives that need us.  Be there for each other, let others be there for you, and let life continue as much as possible under this new period in life.  Be there for people and reach out.  And come November 2018, be at the polls to vote in the midterm elections.  A new Congress with a Democratic majority can paralyze Trump.  In November 2020, remember what happened in 2016 and continue to show up, be present, and never let this happen again.

The 2016 election was a chaotic mess, but it taught us many lessons that we can continue to hold on to.  Perhaps the most important one is the importance of voting and of being involved in the process.

We will survive this – if we stand together and support each other and refuse to let Trump define who we are as people and as a nation.

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