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Finding the right “fit” doesn’t have to be hard

I navigated searches for graduate school, a summer internship, and a full-time job as a first-generation student and I wish I knew then what I know now. The student affairs search process, at any level, is complicated and certainly has its flaws. That doesn’t mean you can’t master it, you just need to know the ins and outs.

I’m here to help! I offer specific coaching services to help undergraduates in the grad school search and graduate students in the full-time search. Both come with their own unique challenges, and I’ve successfully gone through both. Ease your stress and worry and let me guide you along the way to your next chapter in life.

Resumês + Cover Letters

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to resumês and cover letters. I will help you find your own style and polish your documents so they can represent who you are and your skills.

Finding Schools + Jobs

The first step is often the hardest: finding something to apply for. I’ll help you narrow down your search and then help you search for what fits your criteria.

Placement Exchanges

Do you attend or not? What do you wear? How do you schedule your day? I attended TPE in 2018 and will use my experience there to set you up for success.

More Than Logistics

While a lot of searching is logistical, I’ll be available to help you process after interviews, when you get offers, and throughout the time you’re searching.

More ways to support you…

My support and coaching extends to all facets of the student affairs grad school and full-time search processes, from start to finish. I’ll help you with what you need and answer the questions you have.

Interview Prep 

We can do mock interviews, rehearse answers to questions, come up with questions for employers, and more.

Stress Management

We can do exercises to help you manage and cope with the stress and emotions that naturally come with job searching.

Direct Access

You’ll have direct, easy access to me during the time we’re working together to get on-the-go support as you need it.


I offer facilitated reflection to guide and center you throughout the process, so you are aligned with your needs and goals.

Equitable Pricing 



30-minute phone call

I’ll learn more about your search, share how I can help, and develop a plan for additional coaching that fits your needs. 

Per-Hour Coaching 



Great for when you have a few things you want to talk about, like reviewing documents and reflecting.

Long-Term Coaching


flat rate 

Up to six months of ongoing support, perfect if you have a lot of questions or worries and want someone in your corner.


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What are you searching for?
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